Oil Division Operation

The products that City Trade & Investment SA mainly trades are Gasoil 0.1, ULSD 10 ppm, Str. Run Fuel Oil Bunker grades, Jet A1, unleaded gasoline 95 Ron and 98 Ron.

Geographically, the activities of the company are covered in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North-West Europe and North Africa but shall be extended into alternative markets in the Pacific and Atlantic hemisphere.

City Trade - Oil Division Operation

Our contracted storage facilities are located in the following countries:


  • Mediterranean Coast
  • Aegean Coast
  • Sea of Marmara
  • Black Sea Coast


  • Adriatic Coast


  • Northern Mediterranean Coast

City Trade - Oil Division Operation

City Trade & Investment SA and City Marine SA (sister company) disposes of a fleet of products (CPP) carries varying for DWT purposes between 5'000 - 30'000 metric tons.

Our ultimate goal is to use for our position modern tonnages approved by the most of the major oil companies